April 3, 2024
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How To Use Instagram Collab Posts To Increase Engagement

Discover how Instagram Collab posts can skyrocket your reach and engagement. Here’s how to collaborate with other creators and brands on Instagram.

iPhone displaying Captions x Victoria Reid Instagram collab with Instagram icon

The secret to Instagram growth is connecting with viewers who share your interests — and the Instagram Collab feature helps you do just that.

This feature lets you team up with other creators to make posts that appear on both audience’s feeds, letting you reach more potential followers while building relationships. Here’s how to make an Instagram Collab post. 

What Is an Instagram Collab Post?

An Instagram Collab post is a single post that appears on two different account feeds. One creator makes the post and adds another account as a collaborator, and when that other account accepts, Instagram attributes the post to both accounts. The post features both handles at the top and appears in both profiles and feeds. All likes, shares, and comments appear in both accounts’ metrics.

Instagram Collab posts differ from regular tagging. When you tag a user in the description, in a comment, or directly on a post, it appears in their profile's “Tagged” section — not their actual feed. Collab posts appear on the original creator’s and the collaborator’s feeds. 

Screenshot of a collab reel on Instagram

What Are the Benefits of Instagram Collab Posts?

Here’s how joint Instagram posts benefit your account:

1. Increase Reach and Exposure

Whether you’re promoting a product or making some type of announcement, you want to reach as many people as possible. When you team up with another creator for a Collab post, you gain access to their following, placing your content right in their followers’ feeds. You could reach twice as many people — or even more if you work with a larger account.

2. Gain New Followers

Even if you and the collaborator are in a similar niche, they’ll have followers who haven’t heard of you. By creating a collaborative post, those followers see your account — and they might like what they see, check out your account, and give you a follow. 

3. Boost Engagement

Exposure to two accounts’ audiences means more potential likes, comments, and shares. This engagement sends positive signals to Instagram’s algorithm, which will show the content to more users on the Explore and Search pages, further increasing the post’s exposure and engagement.

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How To Collab Post on Instagram 

Before creating a Collab post, make sure your Instagram account is public. If your account is private, only your followers see your content. This means anyone not following you will be unable to see the content, which defeats the purpose.

Make sure you and your potential collaborator are on the same page about what you plan to post. Why are you both interested in collaborating? What will both of your audiences enjoy? What do you want to include or omit from the post? It’s best to agree on these details so that when the other person receives the invitation, they’re more likely to accept. 

Here’s how to create an in-feed post or Instagram Reel collaboration: 

  1. Go to Instagram and tap the plus button at the top or bottom of the screen.
  2. From the menu that appears, tap “Reels” or “Post.” 
  3. Tap the camera icon to record a new video or capture a new photo. Alternatively, add one from your device’s gallery. 
  4. Add filters, text, and other elements to edit the post as you wish.
  5. Tap “Next.”
Instagram screenshots highlighting where to create a post/reel
  1. Tap “Tag.” Two options will appear: “Add tag” or “Invite collaborators.” 
  2. Tap “Invite collaborators.” 
Instagram screenshots highlighting where to tag people and invite a collaborator on a post/reel
  1. In the search bar that appears, begin typing a username.
  2. Once the name of the account you’d like to collaborate with appears, tap on it to invite them to Collab. 
  3. Tap the green check mark at the top.
  4. Tap “Share.” 
  5. Wait for the collaborator to accept the request.
Instagram screenshot of the Invite a Collaborator seach screen

At this point, the post will appear on your feed. It won’t appear on your collaborator’s feed until they accept the invite, which they’ll see in their notifications or inbox.

Once they accept, the account name will appear alongside yours at the top of the post. The post will also appear on their profile and followers’ feeds. 

Instagram screenshots of collab post/reel request

How To Accept Collabs on Instagram

If someone else invites you to collaborate, here’s how to accept:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Click on the invite notification, which should appear on your notifications page or in your inbox. 
  3. Tap the invite and the blue “Review” button. 
  4. On the pop-up message, tap “Accept” to accept the Collab, or “Decline” or “Not now” if you don’t want to Collab.

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How To Adjust Your Instagram Settings To Allow Collab Requests 

Sometimes, a brand or creator can’t collaborate with you because you haven't allowed tagging in your settings. People won't be able to tag you on posts or invite you to Collab until you change the permissions.

Here’s how to adjust your account settings to receive Collab invites:   

  1. Go to your Instagram profile page and tap the three lines in the top right corner. 
  2. Select “Settings and Privacy.”
Instagram screenshot highlighting the ‘Settings and privacy’ option
  1. Scroll to the section called “How others interact with you.” 
  2. Tap “Tags and mentions.” 
Instagram screenshot highlighting the ‘tags and mentions’ option in the ‘Settings and privacy’ screen
  1. You’ll see four options. No matter which one you select, you still have to manually accept every Collab post invite. Choose one that’s appropriate for you:
  • “Allow tags for everyone” to allow anyone to tag you in a post or add you as a collaborator. 
  • “Allow tags from people you follow” to only allow tags and collaborations from people you follow. 
  • “Don't allow tags” if you prefer not to receive tags or collaborate with anyone. 
  • “Manually approve tags” if you want to review each post that tags you or adds you as a collaborator before accepting. This is the default option, so if you don’t select one of the other three, you’ll receive a request whenever someone tags you. 
Instagram screenshot of the ‘Tags and mentions’ screen

4 Clever Ways To Use Instagram Collab Posts as a Creator

If you’re not sure what a Collab post should look like, here are some creative content ideas to start with:

1. Collaborate on Giveaways

Giveaways are contests that give away a free product or service, and they’re a great way to collaborate and bring you both maximum exposure. Asking people to follow both of your accounts and share the post to enter the giveaway spreads the word and gets you more followers. It’s also the perfect opportunity to work with a brand to promote a product.

Making a collaboration post with the brand links your accounts, exposing more of the brand’s audience to your giveaway and your audience to the brand. 

2. Cross-Promote Side Projects or Brands

If you're launching your own product, brand, or event — and you have a separate account for it — Instagram Collab posts share that with your current audience. You’ll use your personal connection with followers to encourage them to explore your project’s account and stay tuned for more. 

Collaborating between your personal and brand accounts shows that you’re connected to the project you’re working on, making it more meaningful and valuable to your followers. This approach conveys authenticity while giving your side hustles the exposure they deserve.

3. Support a Cause You Care About

If you want to do good deeds while growing your account, partner with a charitable organization and increase awareness with a Collab. You could also use a collaboration with another creator to collect donations for a charity or cause you both care about. 

For example, if you’re passionate about rescuing animals, you could partner with a shelter or famous dog influencer to spread awareness, accept donations, and encourage your followers to rescue pets.

4. Make Announcements With Other Accounts

If you have good news to share with your following that relates to someone else, invite them to collaborate on your post to help spread the word. Is your partner also an influencer with a following who would want a life update? Does your brand have an announcement to make about hiring a particular creator full-time?

These collaboration posts don’t just apply to full-time influencers. They’re a great way to connect communities, regardless of how large your following is. For example, if your partner proposes and you plan to share it with friends and family, collaborate on that post to share the news with both of your followings, including friends and family. If you buy a house and want to shout out your realtor’s help, invite them to collaborate on the post to promote their service and share your good news. 

Create Unforgettable Collab Posts With Captions

Working with other creators on Instagram helps your posts reach more people — and that means you should focus on quality to make the best first impression possible. 

To create strong Collab posts that grab attention, use Captions AI. You’ll speed up the editing process and create studio-grade videos without professional equipment. People will say yes when you pitch a collaboration, thanks to your reputation for always posting professional-quality videos.

April 3, 2024
Min Read
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