AI Eye contact

Make contact,without eye contact

Forget to look at the camera?  With Captions, you can correct for eye contact directly in post-production.

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Screenshot of Eye contact product inside Captions app
Frame of a video with a woman looking at the camera

Record once, edit to perfection

You don’t have to get it right the first time. Just choose your best recording  and apply eye contact in one click.

Let’s get started

Eye contact correctionin three steps

Get started by uploading your files below.
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Upload your video

Select, drag and drop your files finto the app.

Screenshot of a video with Eye contact applied by Captions app

Apply eye contact

Click the button and Captions will automatically correct your video.

Screenshot of a list of videos with a download options inside Captions app


You’re all set. Export your video and put it to use!

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