AI Edit

Watch as AI edits your videos for you.

Editing skills

Get right to the finish line. Replace hours of editing with one tap.

Skip the learning curve

Forget the complicated editing software and let AI do the work instead.

Tailored to you

AI generates custom B-roll, images, backgrounds, and more to make your video unique.

Save time

Fully edited video content in seconds.

How to use AI Edit
in three steps

Upload your clip

Import your unedited video.

Choose your editing style

Select how you want your video to look.

Download and share

Export and share your fully AI edited video.

Frequently asked questions


What is AI Edit?

AI Edit is a feature in the Captions app that fully edits your video with one tap. Simply import your unedited video, select an editing style, and AI will take care of the rest!

Does Captions’ AI Video Editor edit my whole video for me?

Yes! With AI Edit there is no longer a need to navigate complicated editing software. AI Edit in the Captions app will handle the entire end-to-end video creation process. Simply upload your unedited footage to the Captions app, choose from unique editing style options, and click generate. AI will automatically apply relevant zooms, transitions, B-roll, graphics, captions, and more. A fully-edited video will be ready to share on social platforms within minutes. Reduce hours worth of editing into just one tap.

How does AI Edit work?

Unlike traditional video template tools, Captions’ proprietary AI model will analyze the uploaded video and audio to generate custom B-Roll, images, animations, sound effects and transitions that enhance the video. Record a video or input a prompt with AI Creator and toggle on this new editing tool which will instantly edit the entire video in a matter of seconds, aligned with the editing style you select.