December 5, 2023
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50 YouTube Video Ideas to Boost Your Channel's Reach

Looking for YouTube video ideas? Discover 50 creative and trending content concepts to boost your channel's engagement and increase your subscribers.

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For YouTube creators, consistency is king. Frequently posting content helps you practice your craft and provides more opportunities for new viewers to see your content. 

If you’re just starting your channel or you’re running out of ideas, you might need a little inspiration. Putting your personal spin on existing YouTube video ideas can make it easier to create high-quality content fast. 

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50 YouTube Video Ideas for Inspiration

If you're wondering, "What should I do on YouTube?" here are 50 great YouTube content ideas:

1. Product Reviews

Review products that relate to your personal brand. Choose a few you know and love and provide viewers with pros and cons to help them make informed buying decisions. For example,  beauty influencers might film “empties” videos where they review their empty products, and baking influencers could share a list of their favorite cookware.  

2. Outfit Styling Videos

Showcase unique and fashionable clothing to give audiences outfit ideas, inspiration, and styling tips. You don’t need to be a fashion icon — your personal style is more relatable.

3. House Tours

Upload footage of house layouts, decor, and design to inspire audiences and give them ideas to try in their own homes. If you have a niche that relates to a certain area of your home, give a tour of that space, like your work-from-home setup or organized closet. 

4. Unboxing Videos

Unbox and reveal the contents of a newly purchased product or gift, giving viewers a firsthand look at the item's packaging and features. 

5. DIY Videos

Filming step-by-step instructions and demonstrations on repairs or renovation projects within your home gives viewers ideas and inspiration. 

6. Thrifting and Upcycling Furniture 

Make a YouTube video where you find thrift furniture and household items, and show audiences how to upcycle them. 

7. Cooking Recipes

Content creator cooking pasta on stream

Demonstrate how to cook different dishes while offering clear instructions, tips, and visual guidance. If you have a blog, you can direct viewers there to share recipes and cross-post.

8. Life Hack Videos

Share clever, time-saving, or resourceful tips and tricks for solving everyday problems or making tasks easier. 

9. Giveaways

Generate excitement around your YouTube account and attract new subscribers by offering free products or services through contests.

10. Questions and Answers

Respond to questions from your audience and provide information, advice, or personal insights on various topics. This is both interesting to watch and a great way to involve viewers in your content. You could either address questions you often see in the comments or ask followers to send in questions for the video on another platform, like Instagram or X.

11. Blooper and Fail Compilations

Blooper videos are funny and entertaining, and fail compilation videos are great YouTube video ideas for beginners because they have broad audience appeal. Just make sure you have permission to upload others’ clips.

12. Day in the Life Videos

One of the best ways to start creating unique content for YouTube is by giving viewers an intro to your life. Let viewers follow you through your hobbies, daily routines, and workouts. 

13. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts — brief, vertical videos designed for quick and engaging content consumption — can give audiences a peek into your channel. Use Captions to add effects and subtitles to intrigue viewers from the first second and draw them to your channel.

14. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Videos

Film various gentle everyday sounds, like whispering, that trigger a pleasurable sensation in viewers. You could also combine this with another idea, like doing ASMR unboxing videos.

15. Facts About Yourself

Create personal vlogging videos where you share interesting and unique facts about yourself, helping you connect with your audience on a personal level. You could also mimic the GQ “10 Things I Can’t Live Without” format to share your favorite products at the same time. 

16. Book Reviews 

A thumbnail of a youtuber about to review a book.

Help readers decide on their next book choice by discussing a book's plot, its writing style, and your overall impressions.

17. Series and Movie Reviews

Offer opinions on trending TV series or movies by discussing elements like the plot, acting, and entertainment value. You can also explain the endings of hard-to-understand films.

18. Fitness Challenges

Start a fitness challenge for both you and your subscribers to follow. Share your daily progress and struggles to inspire and guide audiences, encouraging them to keep watching. 

19. Get Ready With Me

Capture how you prepare for an event (or just the day), including your makeup or skincare routine, grooming tips, and style choices. 

20. Hair and Makeup Tutorials

Guide viewers through makeup application and hair styling, offering tips, techniques, and product recommendations to help them achieve the same look.

21. Travel Vlogs

There’s a huge audience of people who love to travel. Share your adventures and offer viewers inspiration and advice through your travel vlog, even if it's a departure from your regular content. 

22. Travel Advice and Tips

Provide your audience with practical guidance, insider knowledge, and inspiration for travel, empowering them to plan smoother, more enjoyable trips.

23. Time Challenges

When it comes to fun video ideas, time challenges are among the best. In these videos, you, a friend, or other YouTube creators complete silly challenges within a given timeframe. Collaborating can also expose you to new audiences and grow your view count.

24. Sports Highlights

Create YouTube compilations of the most exciting and noteworthy moments from games, matches, or sporting events. You could talk through exceptional plays or achievements for viewers to relive and learn more about. 

25. Houseplant Care Advice

Provide aspiring plant enthusiasts with guidance on nurturing and maintaining their houseplants with tips, advice, and answers to their questions.

26. Pet Videos

Share memorable moments of your pets' lives with your audience, from funny moments to daily routines. 

27. An Online Course in Your Field of Expertise

Create a series of videos teaching audiences an online course in your field or niche. This also allows a global audience to access high-quality information for free.

28. Parody, Skit, or Satirical Video

Make your audience laugh by imitating, commenting on, or acting out familiar scenes or popular songs. You could aim for realism or do it in funny and exaggerated ways.

29. Science Experiments

Upload educational and engaging experiment videos that interest people and help them understand how the world works.

30. Magic Tricks and How to Do Them

Good at sleight of hand? Make videos doing magic tricks and tutorials on how to perform them. These videos attract aspiring magicians and viewers who want to learn the secrets behind magic.

31. Dance Video Tutorials to Trending Music

You can also take YouTube vlog ideas from other platforms. Teach audiences trending dance routines or participate in challenges from TikTok to reach viewers on another platform.

32. Prank Videos

These videos are a great way to entertain and amuse viewers with lighthearted, unexpected situations and reactions. 

33. Unusual Food Combination Videos

Try strange food combinations on camera and film your reactions. These videos are popular on YouTube because they blend novelty, entertainment, and food experimentation, piquing viewers’ curiosity.

34. Motivational Videos

Share motivational stories of successful people, quotes, and advice to uplift and empower viewers to overcome challenges. If you’ve overcome something major in your life, share your story to inspire others.  

35. Nature Videos

Share footage of the beauty and sounds of the natural world, offering viewers a peaceful escape.

36. Fashion and Shopping Tips

If you have an eye for fashion, guide your audience through your shopping process, telling them what to look for in stylish, high-quality clothing.

37. Art Creation Videos

A woman youtuber painting on camera.

Document your art creation process for your audience while offering them tips and techniques for inspiration and educational value. 

38. Crafting Videos

Show your audience creative projects and activities for making handmade items. You can even create seasonal crafting videos or crafts for different occasions.

39. Mashups of Songs or Movie Clips

Create remixes or mashups that blend elements from multiple familiar sources to offer unique and entertaining audiovisual experiences. 

40. Meal Plans and Grocery List Videos

Offer viewers guidance on preparing balanced meals and efficient shopping, simplifying meal preparation, and making healthier food choices.

41. Exercise and Workout Videos

Create exercise and workout videos to guide viewers through fitness routines, helping them stay active and achieve their fitness goals. That might be a specific workout, like a leg day, or a week of workouts to show how you organize your gym days. 

42. Share Your Fitness Journey

Creating video content that takes your audience on your fitness journey is a compelling and relatable way to share personal growth, inspire others, and build an engaged audience.

43. “What’s in My Bag” Videos

Reveal “what's in your bag” or invite guests to interview and reveal what’s in their bags. This gives audiences a glimpse into your life, organization tips, and product recommendations. 

44. Famous or Interesting True Crime Cases

Create true crime videos where you explore real-life criminal cases, mysteries, and investigations. You’ll captivate viewers and spread awareness. 

45. Tech Reviews

Offer your audience valuable insights, purchasing advice, and updates on the latest technology trends and gadget releases.

46. Timelapse Videos

Post timelapse videos that condense time and offer captivating visual narratives that showcase transformations — great for quick, visually appealing content consumption.

47. Virtual City Tours

YouTube virtual city tours provide a captivating and accessible way for viewers to explore and learn about new places, fostering wanderlust and cultural appreciation.

48. Restaurant Reviews

If you live in a major city, you’re probably surrounded by delicious food. Review restaurants in your neighborhood and offer recommendations to locals or tourists searching for a great spot. 

49. Gaming Videos

One of the most popular YouTube channel ideas is gaming videos. Record and share content of yourself playing video games. You could also include reviews, walkthroughs, and live-streamed matches.

50. History Videos

Share your love for history with explainer videos about different historical periods, battles, or famous people. 

YouTube Video FAQs

If you’re having trouble choosing what to do for your next YouTube video, these frequently asked questions could help you narrow it down.

What are the most popular topics on YouTube?

To figure out what the most popular topics are, looking at channels with high subscriber counts can help. Gaming YouTuber Pewdiepie has over 100 million subscribers, and MrBeast — who makes challenge and competition videos — has over 200 million.

How do YouTube videos go viral? 

YouTube videos go viral when the algorithm picks them up, but this could be for a number of reasons. Maybe your video was ultra-sharable, or it was short enough that most people watched it until the end. Using keywords and tags can also help the algorithm notice you.

Create Videos Your Subscribers Will Love With Captions

You don’t need complicated video editing software to make your YouTube videos stand out. With Captions, you can easily add subtitles to your YouTube videos, pull out the most interesting clips with AI Shorts, and speed up your video production process. 

Take advantage of the power of AI to create high-quality, engaging videos that boost your reach on YouTube and build a viral channel in no time. 

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December 5, 2023
Min Read
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