March 13, 2024
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How To Get Verified on YouTube: Requirements, Steps, and Tips

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to get verified on YouTube to secure your own verification badge and maximize your channel's credibility.

Graphic illustration of a YouTube window, showcasing a channel’s page and YouTube verification elements

Once you’ve put in the time and effort to grow your YouTube channel and build a solid subscriber base, you’re probably starting to think about getting verified.  

Earning a YouTube verification badge shows that YouTube has verified your identity so viewers know they can trust the quality of your content. Read on to learn how to get verified on YouTube. 

What is YouTube Verification?

YouTube verification means YouTube has reviewed your account and confirmed that you are who you claim to be. They might review documentation to verify your name and location to make sure you’re posting authentic content to avoid copyright issues or spam.  

There are two types of YouTube verification, each with different requirements and benefits. The first is available for anyone with a YouTube account, and the second is a badge only available to channels with over 100,000 subscribers. Here are the main characteristics of both types of verification.

1. Account Verification for All Channels

The basic type of verification that anyone can do is account verification to prove to that platform that you’re not a bot, but a real person. It involves verifying your identity by entering a code sent to your phone number. 

Once you confirm your phone number and identity, you’ll get a few benefits, like:

  • Videos Longer Than 15 Minutes — Verified accounts can upload videos longer than 15 minutes, while unverified accounts can only upload shorter videos. 
  • Custom Thumbnails — Instead of relying on YouTube-generated thumbnails, you can upload custom thumbnails to draw more attention to your videos. 
  • Live Streaming — Go on YouTube Live and interact in real-time with your viewers with this perk. 
  • Ability To Appeal Content ID Claims — If someone claims you’ve used their content in a video without permission and violated copyright, you can appeal the claim.

General account verification doesn’t offer you a verification badge, but it does earn you the perks listed above.

2. Verification Badge for Accounts With 100,000+ Subscribers

Channels with 100,000 subscribers or more can apply to get a verification badge that confirms that this is the authentic channel of a creator, brand, or public figure. It also safeguards popular channels against impostors who create fake accounts to try and mimic that account’s style, theme, and content. 

In addition to 100,000 subscribers, you need an active and complete YouTube channel to receive a verification badge. Having an active channel means you’re regularly posting public content, and complete channels have a full channel banner, description, and profile picture. 

Earning this type of verification requires you to submit a form. You need to be honest about your real name, age, and identity, as YouTube will check these details before granting a verification badge. 

Here are some benefits of the account verification badge:

  • Credibility Boost — YouTube's acknowledgment through the badge signals that your channel is noteworthy and meets its standards for verification. This recognition can contribute to an overall positive perception among your audience.
  • Official Stamp of Approval — Well-known people, sports clubs, and brands may have hundreds or thousands of fan accounts on the platform. The verification badge helps audiences find the official channel of people they want to follow.
  • Impostor Protection — The verification badge can help deter potential impersonators who might think twice before attempting to mimic a verified YouTube account.

YouTube might also grant verification before the 100,000 subscriber mark if you have a following on another platform — such as being a popular musician on TikTok — that can prove your identity and need for an official account to avoid impersonation.

How To Verify a YouTube Account (All Channels)

Anyone can verify their account for access to basic benefits like the ability to live stream, appeal content ID claims, and so on — but remember, the channel won’t have a gray verification badge next to its name. 

Here’s how to verify your YouTube account:

  • Go to and enter your phone number.
  • Click on “Get Code” and wait for YouTube to send a verification code to your phone.
  • Enter the six-digit code on YouTube, and you're verified.

To check if you’re verified on YouTube:

  • Go to “Account” and then “Settings.”
  • Click on “Channel status and features.”
  • If the part that says “Features that require phone verification” is “Enabled” in green — that shows that your account is verified. 
Screenshot of Youtube account verification page

How To Verify a YouTube Channel With a Badge (Channels Over 100,000 Subscribers)

If you meet the requirements for a verification badge, here’s how to apply:

  1. Go to the YouTube support page.
  2. Tap “Manage your account and settings.” 
  3. Click to select “Verification badges” on channels.
  4. If you meet the requirements, you'll see the option to apply to become an official channel. Click on “Apply now.”
  5. Enter your channel name and channel ID, and submit.
  6. Wait for a response, which could take several weeks. YouTube may ask you for supporting documents to prove your identity while processing your application.
Screenshot of YouTube’s Channel Verification Application

3 Tips To Increase Your Chances of Getting Verified

Getting a verification badge on YouTube can boost your channel’s credibility and influence because people are more likely to trust advice from a verified channel since it’s been vetted by the platform. 

Although YouTube isn’t guaranteed to approve your verification request after you reach 100,000 subscribers, you can improve your chances by posting content that people find valuable and want to search for, share, and subscribe to see more of.

Here are some tips to help improve your chances of being approved:

1. Upload High-Quality Content

Create high-quality videos that have eye-catching and clear visuals, crisp audio, and an interesting message or storyline. All these elements combined make your video enjoyable, easy to follow, and easy to understand. Better content leads to higher engagement, meaning you’re more likely to earn new subscribers and increase your watch time — helping you get to that 100,000 subscriber milestone and increasing your chances of verification.

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2. Post Regularly and Consistently

When you regularly upload quality content that resonates with your audience, subscribers will know when to tune in to see your videos. The increased interest in your account signals to YouTube that your content is valuable, encouraging the algorithm to recommend your videos to more users.When you have higher engagement and an active account, YouTube is more likely to approve your verification application. 

3. Learn About YouTube SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can play a role in your journey toward getting verified on YouTube. Focus on including relevant keywords — terms related to the content you’re posting — in your titles and descriptions. Keywords help YouTube categorize and organize content, so when people search for topics related to your video, YouTube can recommend your content to interested users. Using hashtags of your keywords also helps viewers find videos about topics they’re searching for. As wider audiences find your content, your channel grows, increasing your chances of meeting the eligibility criteria for verification. If you find it challenging to find the right keywords and titles, Captions AI can help. With the “Prepare Social Post” feature, this all-in-one creative studio can recommend a title, description, and hashtag for your video based on your content. From there, you can adjust the title to include keywords and take the guesswork out of picking the best hashtags for your content. 


1. How Long Does It Take To Get Verified on YouTube?

After applying to YouTube for the verification badge, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for YouTube to conduct various checks. They’ll verify how old your channel is, how often you post, and your identity and details. 

2. How Many Subscribers Do I Need To Get Verified on YouTube?

Your channel must have at least 100,000 subscribers to apply for the verification badge on YouTube, unless you can prove you have a large following on another platform. If you think you qualify, reach out to YouTube directly.  

3. How Much Does It Cost To Get Verified on YouTube?

Applying for a YouTube verification badge is free. You just need to meet YouTube’s minimum subscriber count (100,000 subscribers) and have an active and authentic channel.

4. Do I Have To Be Verified on YouTube To Earn Revenue?

No, a YouTube verification badge isn’t required to earn revenue on the platform. To access YouTube's monetization options, you must apply for the YouTube Partner Program, which lets creators make money from their videos. By joining the program, creators can earn revenue through ads shown on their videos, access special features, and participate in additional monetization opportunities YouTube offers.

Get On The Road To Verification Faster With Captions

You can't guarantee that YouTube will approve your request for a verification badge, but you can improve your chances by building a solid and authentic online presence through quality content.  Let Captions be your partner in creating great content that sets you apart online. With a range of AI features to help you script, record, and edit YouTube videos to perfection, you can create quality content to build a viral channel and increase your likelihood of getting that sought-after verification badge. 

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March 13, 2024
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