April 3, 2024
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How To Remove the TikTok Watermark: 4 Simple Ways

Learn how to remove the TikTok watermark with easy methods that don’t require editing skills and how to cross-post watermark-free videos.

Graphic design with a lens highlighting the gradual phasing out of the TikTok logo in a TikTok video

Reposting your TikToks on other platforms is a great way to expand your audience — but if you download them directly from the app, they’ll have a branded watermark.

The good news is it’s easy to learn how to remove TikTok’s watermark and upload professional, mark-free content every time. 

What Is a TikTok Watermark?

Any TikToks downloaded directly from the app have a watermark, which has the platform’s logo and the username of the original creator. The graphic moves around the screen from side to side, making it hard to crop out or remove. 

This watermark acts as a digital signature. It shows viewers who originally created the video and that they published it on TikTok. If someone tries to steal content and upload it somewhere else, it’s still attributed to the poster and platform. This helps creators evade content theft — but it’s inconvenient when re-uploading one of your TikToks to another platform.

Screenshot of a video with the TikTok watermark

4 Ways To Remove the TikTok Watermark

Here’s how to post a TikTok without a watermark to Reels or any other platform:

1. Edit in a Different App

The best way to avoid a watermark is not to have one in the first place. When you edit content in the TikTok app and save it, the download always has the watermark — so the fix is to edit somewhere else. Many external editing apps offer watermark-free downloads. You just have to find one that works for you.

The Captions app is a great option with studio-grade editing tools and no watermarking. It has editing capabilities similar to TikTok, and even more advanced features such as AI-generated captions, writing assistance, and auto background noise reduction. You’ll have a higher-quality video and no watermark to worry about when posting to any social media platform.

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2. Zoom In To Crop It Out 

If you’re okay with losing a video’s edges, simply crop the watermark out. This won’t work if there are important elements around the edges of the video, but this is a quick option. When cropping, you’ll sacrifice a large chunk of the image since the TikTok watermark moves around the screen. It usually sits at the left or right edge, so you’ll need to take out the width of the logo from both edges of the video to remove it all. Removing these strips from both sides of the screen creates a long and skinny image, so to keep the original aspect ratio, crop the top and bottom, too. Here’s how to crop a video on iOS: 

  1. Navigate to the Photos app and select a video to crop.
  2. Tap “Edit” in the top-right corner.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, choose the crop and rotate icon. It looks like a small square with two arrows circling it. 
  4. Drag the corners of the cropping tool to adjust the framing manually and remove the watermark. You can also tap the icon in the top-right corner to set a specific aspect ratio, like 9:16.
  5. Tap “Done.” 

Here’s how to crop on Android:

  1. Navigate to the Google Photos app and select a video to crop.
  2. Tap “Edit” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap “Crop” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Drag the corners of the cropping tool to adjust the framing. You can also tap the square icon to set a specific aspect ratio.
  5. Tap “Save copy” in the bottom-right corner. The video automatically saves as a separate copy if you want to revisit the original.
Screenshot of a video with the TikTok watermark in a cropping tool rectangle

3. Cover It With a Blur Tool 

Instead of cropping to remove the TikTok logo, use a third-party app to blur it out. This method requires a few extra steps — and it could leave a weird blurry spot that covers some content — but it’s a good choice if your only goal is to avoid the watermark without cropping. You can find a tool by searching for “blur video” in the app store. Download one or two apps to see which works best. You should be able to blur or pixelate different spots at different times so when the watermark moves, it’s still covered.

4. Use an App To Remove It 

Some editing apps claim to preserve the entire TikTok video without a watermark. Many of these apps use AI to replace the watermarked area, and others download logo-free TikToks directly from the platform. 

While some fake apps bombard you with ads, other apps work — proceed with caution and read reviews before downloading. Go to the app store, search for “TikTok watermark remover app” or “watermark eraser,” and look for decent reviews. You might have to experiment to see which ones provide the desired result.

How To Cross-Post TikTok Content the Right Way

Adjusting content for different platforms doesn't stop at watermark removal. YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels have varying specs, dimensions, and audiences that you have to match for content to perform well. Here are three tips to repost TikToks anywhere: 

  1. Pay attention to length — While TikToks can be up to 15 minutes long, Instagram caps Reels at 90 seconds, and YouTube only allows 60-second Shorts. Make sure each video's short enough to match those specifications, and if not, you might have to re-edit it or split it into parts before uploading. Otherwise, YouTube and Instagram cut it off.
  2. Adjust descriptions and hashtags — The video might stay the same across platforms, but the description and hashtags don't have to. Reels viewers might be more willing to read a longer description, and TikTok viewers might be more inclined to search through hashtags, so adjust the information accordingly. Add platform-specific hashtags — like #ForYouPage on TikTok — for maximum reach.
  3. Encourage followers to find you — When followers know you're active on different platforms, they're more likely to seek out your content there, bringing more engagement across channels. You can even post exclusive content on different platforms to bring loyal followers to all of your accounts.

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Can You Use TikTok Videos on Other Social Media Platforms?

You can upload TikToks on any platform that supports short-form content, including YouTube, Instagram, and even Facebook. Remember to adjust videos according to each platform’s length and formatting specs.

Are There Any Free Tools for Removing TikTok Watermarks?

Many free tools exist, but they aren’t all equal in quality. Some apps claim to remove logos but spam your phone with ads. SnapTik, MusicallyDown, and Remove & Add Watermark are considered safe tools.

What’s the Easiest Way To Remove a Watermark on a TikTok Video?

The easiest way to remove a watermark on TikTok is to crop it out in your phone’s camera roll. It only takes a few seconds and doesn’t require any third-party downloads. 

However, while this is the easiest and fastest way, it’s not necessarily the best. It could crop out important elements and create an awkward, zoomed-in image. The best way to avoid these logos is to edit in a watermark-free app like Captions.

Prepare Your Content For Different Platforms With Captions

Avoiding a watermark is just one step to posting high-quality content across platforms. You also want to make sure videos are the right size to draw viewers in — and you can do it all in Captions.

Captions’ Scale & Format feature customizes your video’s aspect ratio and dimensions so it always fits the platform you’re posting to. Post studio-grade content to every platform, every time.

April 3, 2024
Min Read
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