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Captions’ online video editor helps you create studio-grade videos faster, thanks to AI.

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Video being edited inside desktop Captions app on a laptopCaptions app featuring options to edit style of subtitles

Smooth editing,
limitless possibilities

Create high-quality content faster with Captions’ easy video editing. This all-in-one creative studio allows you to make videos you love in just a few clicks. No need to jump between apps — Captions does it all.

Frame of man and woman looking directly at the cameraSplit button selected inside Captions app

Edit with ease

Everything you’d expect from a video editor, made easy with Captions. Import a video (or several), trim or split your clips, and delete the parts you don’t like. When you’re done, just click export.

your reach

Reach new audiences with subtitles and dubbing. Add subtitles to your videos in a single click, thanks to AI. Translate your video into 28+ different languages in seconds. Find viewers all over the world, including those who prefer watching videos with the sound off.

Man wearing headphones while speaking on a microphoneCaptions Interface options to select language
Video frame of woman looking at the camera with subtitles added by CaptionsAI Captions

Save time with AI

Make your workflow faster with Captions’ AI-powered suite of tools. Add captions in seconds, not minutes. Dub your video into another language with just one click. Customize and save your subtitle styles, including font, color, and size, to use in future videos.

How to edit any videoin three steps

Upload file

Upload a video to the Captions app.
Trim, split, and delete clips as needed.

Create and edit

Edit your video with Captions’video editing tools.

Download or share

Choose your export settings, like frames per second or bitrate, and click download.

Simplify your

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Frequently asked questions


What video files work best in Captions’ online video editor?

Captions supports almost all video file formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, FLV, GIF, MKV, Quicktime, and more.

Do Captions videos have a watermark?

Captions’ video editor has no watermark — ever. When you export your video, all you’ll see is the final product.

What devices and browsers does the Captions video editor work on?

You can use Captions’ AI video editor on iOS, web, or Mac to create studio-grade content. Coming soon to Android.

"Sped up my video creation workflow and leveled up production quality at the same time!”
“Now I see how influencers have such amazing videos.”
“This app literally saved me thousands of dollars and hundreds of editing hours.”
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