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Easily  edit your YouTube videos with our AI-powered suite.
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Let your video stand out

Polish your video with one-click transitions, images, and emojis.

Studio-quality sound

Clean up any background noise in one click. Add sound effects for something extra.

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Reach new audiences

Translate your video into 28+ languages. Add captions instantly.

How to edit YouTube
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Import your video

Drop your video into Captions.

Edit away

Use AI to edit in minutes, not hours.

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Frequently asked questions


What’s the easiest way to edit YouTube videos online?

YouTube offers free in-app editing tools for basic fixes, but a comprehensive tool like Captions makes it easy to create professional-looking content in a single platform.

How do I create videos for YouTube?

Once you have a good video idea, creating engaging YouTube content is as simple as writing a video script, drawing up a storyboard, shooting and editing your video, making sure it’s within YouTube’s size guidelines, and uploading the finished product to YouTube.

How do I auto-generate subtitles for YouTube videos?

You can turn on automatic subtitles in YouTube Studio to use the platform’s built-in subtitling feature or choose customizable tools like Captions to add AI-generated subtitles to every video.