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Make engaging and informative content by adding text to videos.

One click,

improved accessibility
Easily add captions to your videos to engage audiences and increase accessibility.

Customize the style

Adjust the font, animation, color, and more.

Add text in seconds

Add subtitles to your video instantly with AI.

Reach a global audience

Add captions in a range of languages to grow your audience.

How to add text to video
in three steps


Upload or record a video to Captions.

Choose a language

Add captions in various languages.


Download your video to post across socials.

Add text to your video

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Frequently asked questions


Can I change the text’s color and font on my video?

Yes! In Captions, select or highlight the desired text, then choose a font and color. Remember to stick to your channel or profile’s brand and style when selecting.

Can I add text to a video on an iPhone?

Absolutely — just download the Captions mobile app.

What other elements can I add to my video?

With Captions, you can add music, text highlights, emojis, and more.