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Frequently asked questions


What are closed captions?

Closed captioning is a function you can enable to view captions for existing audio. This feature is usually in the settings menu of social media and streaming platforms.

What are open captions?

Open captions are fixed as part of the video and added in the editing process. They’re beneficial if you want to ensure viewers catch every detail, such as when you’re giving critical safety instructions.

How do I generate an SRT file from a video?

SRT files are a file format for a video translation that contain timestamps. You can use online software to create a video transcript in this format. For YouTube Studio, specifically, you’ll need an SRT file for providing closed captions on a video.

How do I auto-caption a video?

Use Captions’ AI-powered captioning functions. Upload your video into Captions, choose a language, and watch captions auto-populate in seconds.