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Trim, split, or cut videos in just a few clicks with Captions.

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Notebook with video being edited on captions app

Shorter clips inseconds

You don’t have to worry about recording the perfect take every time: just use the video trimmer in Captions. Easily trim video clips, split sections, or cut out an unwanted frame in seconds.

Video being edited and trimmed inside Captions app

Trim your video

Easily trim the beginning or end of your clip to start (or end) your video on time.

Options to split clips inside Caption app

Split clips

Cut out any unwanted bits in your video. It’s as easy as clicking “split.”

Option to delete clip inside captions app

Delete as needed

Remove any clips that you don’t like.
Keep the rest.

How to trim a videoin three clicks

Upload file

Upload a video straight to the Captions app.

Options do trim, split and delete clips inside Captions app

Trim, split, or delete

Click trim, split, or deleteto edit your video.

Video exported inside Captions app with option to Download


Hit the export button to download your video.

Frequently asked questions


What’s the difference between cutting and trimming a video?

Trimming is when you clip video frames off of the beginning or end of a video. Cutting refers to creating several sections, or new clips, out of one starting clip.

How do I combine multiple videos into one?

You can easily combine videos in just two steps. Open the first clip in Captions, and then click on the “+” at the end of that clip’s timeline to add another clip from your library. Just keep in mind that Captions supports a max of 10 minutes or 750 MB of video.

Will trimming my videos affect their quality?

Trimming your video won’t affect its quality. However, when trimming videos online, the export process can affect the quality. When you export a video from Captions, you can adjust your FPS and bitrate settings for the highest quality possible.

How long should my video be?

The right length for a video depends on where you want to share it. Some platforms have limits to how long they can be, so make sure your video doesn’t get cut off. An Instagram Reel should be less than 90 seconds, and a YouTube Short should be less than 60 seconds. If you’re posting a video to YouTube’s regular player or even your own website, you can make it longer.

What video file types can I export from Captions?

Captions supports almost all video file formats including MP4, MOV, AVI, WAV, FLV, GIF, MKV, Quicktime, and more. If you’re recording with your phone, these are the most common default file types, and they’re supported by most social media platforms.