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Instantly generate videos with an AI Avatar.

Video frame of a woman with long hair and a smile on her face.

No filming needed

Create videos for your brand without the film crew. Cast your AI Avatar, and generate video content in a single click.
A group of four people with different facial expressions.


Cast an AI Avatar to make content for your brand.

Fully customizable

Choose from different lighting, background, and clothing options — even different camera angles.

A man with a hat on his head
A woman with freckles on her face looking at the camera.

Here to save you time

No need to tap record. Just choose your AI Avatar and paste in a script.

How to generate videos
with an AI Avatar in three steps

A group of people that are smiling for the camera.

Choose your AI Avatar

Pick the right talent for your video.

Decide on a script

Write your script, or pick one of ours.

Option to download the exported video

Generate and export

Watch your video come to life, and download.

Cast your AI Avatar

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Frequently asked questions


What is an AI Avatar?

An AI Avatar is a digital representation of a human generated using advanced machine learning and video processing. With Captions, you can cast a hyper-realistic avatar as the subject of your video and also customize production elements such as camera angles, lighting, clothing, and backgrounds.

How do I create an AI Avatar?

To create your own AI Avatar, simply download the Captions app or click here to get started. Choose from a diverse range of avatars and customize your video by choosing background, lighting, and clothing. Paste in or generate a script and then click export.

Do AI Avatars talk?

Yes! Simply paste in or generate your script to the Captions AI Avatar feature. Using text-to-speech technology your avatar will speak your script aloud in a realistic and life-like manner. You can make any changes or edits before exporting.