Auto subtitle

Automatically add subtitles to your videos.

One click,

better accessbility
Easily add and customize automatic subtitles with Captions.

Go global

Add subtitles in different languages to broaden your audience.

Go beyond

Auto captions offer unique color and font choices so you can stand out.

Go create

Let AI cover subtitling so you can focus on the rest.

Auto generate subtitles
in three steps


Upload your video into Captions.

Choose a language

Add subtitles in various languages.

Edit and export

Export your video to share on any platform.

Frequently asked questions


How do I add subtitles to a video without downloading software?

Most social media platforms offer closed caption options, but these automatic transcriptions are prone to mistakes. Although some platforms, like YouTube, let you edit transcriptions, that requires a lot of time.

Can subtitles generate in more than one language at a time?

You can add subtitles in multiple languages, but not at once. Once you’ve added them in one language with the Subtitle AI tool, run your video through the program again with a different language. When editing your subtitles in the first language, ensure there will be space for the second language at the bottom of the screen.

How do I generate automatic subtitles for social media platforms?

Upload any video content into Captions and watch automatic subtitles appear within seconds. You can choose a style, font, and color and tweak text before exporting and sharing the video on any social media platform.