Instantly trim and cut your YouTube video with Captions.

Cut clips with

one click
Captions lets you adjust videos in seconds. Trim away unwanted frames or cut out clips with the click of a button.

Trim your video

Adjust your video’s length with a couple clicks.

Split clips

Cut out unwanted footage throughout the video.

Edit various file types

Captions supports the most popular file formats, like MOV and MP4.

How to cut Youtube videos
in three steps


Upload a video to the Captions app.


Trim, split or delete content.


Hit the export button to download.

Frequently asked questions


How do I cut a YouTube video online?

YouTube’s built-in editing tool, the YouTube Studio Editor, offers basic trimming options. If you need features that YouTube Studio Editor doesn’t offer, like cutting out specific sections, try a third-party online video editor like Captions.

What’s the best online YouTube video cutter?

Captions is one of the best third-party video cutters because you can do much more than just cut your YouTube videos. You’ll also get access to an all-in-one video editor, with features like automatic transcription and captioning.

What’s the difference between cropping and cutting?

Cropping is like zooming in on a video frame, removing unwanted portions around the edges. It’s useful for adjusting aspect ratios or focusing on a subject.

Cutting removes sections of footage you don’t want to include in the video or screen recording, making the video shorter.

Can I cut or clip a YouTube video after it’s published?

You can’t use the YouTube video editor to directly edit a video once it’s published, but you can cut the video by following these steps:

  1. Download from YouTube: Go to YouTube Studio and download the video you want to cut. If you have YouTube Premium, you can also download YouTube videos directly from the app.
  2. Cut the downloaded video: Use Captions or another video editing software to cut the downloaded footage to your desired length.
  3. Upload to YouTube: Upload the newly edited video to your YouTube channel. Either replace the original video (if you want to keep the same URL) or upload it as new content.

Can I cut a YouTube video without losing quality?

Cutting content doesn’t have to mean reducing quality. Use a high-quality setting when compressing your video after cutting. Export the edited video in a format that will keep it looking good, like MP4 with H.265 codec.